Selling a product to a customer is about persuading the customer that your offering fulfills their needs. No matter how great the product may be, it is very difficult to persuade a potential customer that your offering fulfills their needs when you don’t clearly understand your customer’s point of view. In my opinion, stepping into your customer’s shoes gives you an advantage because it enables you to picture their needs and to envision how your product can fulfill those needs.

You can effectively identify the characteristics your customers are looking for in a product by carefully listening when your clients explain their problems. It is important to learn who your customers are, what they buy and why they buy it. Sometimes, customers do not have a clear idea what they are looking for. It is, therefore, important to ask pertinent questions and to dive in the right direction in order to help them find what they are looking for.

Customer Profiles

Once you have successfully gathered the required information, I would recommend creating detailed customer profiles that describe their lifestyles, needs, desires, and relationship to your product. It does take time, but it’s well worth it. Read this awesome article on How to Create a Customer Profile. Nothing defines your customer’s point of view like an accurate profile.

Once you have your profiles, deliver your sales pitch using storytelling. Embody your customers’ mindset and tell them a great story – one in which your product solves their problems. For example, you can explain, from a busy mom’s perspective, how the new Instant Pot cooks faster than the traditional oven and comes with its own delicious recipes that are specially designed for the product. You can also explain, from a senior’s perspective, how the health insurance policy offers a great coverage and comes with a low deductible that is mindful of his budget.

Solve Their Problems

What matters most, in my opinion, is that you understand how your customer is going to use your product, so that you can focus on telling a story that resonates with them. When you have a portfolio of offerings, avoid pushing the product that helps you reach your sales targets or that gets you the highest commission. Instead, pick the product that fulfills the customer’s needs and tell a great story. Perhaps one in which the busy mom saves so much time using the Instant Pot that she doubles her efficiency, or one in which the senior uses the health insurance policy to cover his transportation costs to the clinic.

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Eric Bernstein

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