Sales techniques to start using now, based on customer’s psychology

Sales and psychology go hand in hand. Therefore, it is crucial to truly understand your customer’s psychology so you can pitch effectively and close sales. Audience-focused sales techniques are, in my opinion, the most efficient sales techniques because they revolve around the customer or client. The client can sense it when your pitch is just about making the sale rather than meeting their needs.

Body Language

You have to pay attention to the customer’s body language, as it is a key component in determining the customer’s psychology. It is critical to study your customers’ eye movements, posture, and facial expressions in order to gauge their interest in your sales pitch. Such nonverbal cues will let you know whether or not your client is interested in your approach because as they say, actions speak louder than words.


Moreover, you have to determine your customer’s personality type in order to use audience-focused sales techniques. Scientific research by Myers and Briggs shows there are 16 varieties of personality types. In order to be successful, learn how to sell to every single personality type.

Ask your customer questions so as to determine their personality type. Make a standard list of questions based on Myers-Briggs tests available online, and smoothly integrate those questions in the conversation. Make sure you don’t drill your client with endless questions, however. That will put them on the defensive. Once you have listened to your customer’s answers, you will then be able to quickly assess his or her personality type and rapidly incorporate audience-focused sales techniques.

Social Awareness

Social awareness is key. I can’t tell you how many salespeople I’ve witnessed as they miss social cues and plunge into long diatribes, completely losing the interest of the person they are talking to. If your customer is looking around, checking their phone, shifting in their seat, or trying to change the subject, it’s your job to be attuned and rethink your approach. Remember: it’s not about getting through your speech. It’s about connecting on a human level. . If you would like to enhance your social awareness, I would recommend reading Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling. This book short, sweet, and to the point, which is important since most salespeople don’t love reading!

Know Your Stuff

When you’re presenting a sales pitch, you need to be the most informative person they’ve encountered, whatever the subject matter you’re covering. Once the client realizes you’re an expert, it builds trust. Trust is an essential ingredient in the salesperson-client relationship. Consider this: if you’re deeply informed on a topic, so well-informed that you can easily access the pieces of information that the client is interested in, you’ll be able to speak more directly to their needs and close the deal.

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Eric Bernstein

Eric is The List Broker, an Orlando-based marketing expert with unique authority in list marketing. His blog posts offer insight and observations that will empower your marketing efforts.