Working in the healthcare field, I know how important it is to keep new patients coming so your practice will thrive. The old marketing wisdom is that anything that isn’t growing is dying–that still holds true.

There are many ways to market your medical practice, and one of the most proven is list marketing. What is list marketing, you ask? That part is simple: it is utilizing data to execute your marketing strategy. Here’s the more important part: how do you do it?

Quality Data

You should start with clean, quality data, in other words, a good mailing list with up-to-date names and addresses. And how do you acquire such a list? The List Broker provides data at a lower price than you’ll find elsewhere, and our customers have discovered that low-cost does not mean low-quality. We’re willing to take a smaller cut to get you the data you need to fuel your marketing efforts. The other guys take more–and hence their lists are more expensive.

Sorting with Filters

You can also sort our data using filters, such as age and location. When you clearly define the group you want to reach, you will create a mailer that more precisely fits their needs and interests. For example, if your office provides mammograms, you may want to want to reach out to women 40 and older. You can narrow even further by choosing women who have had a 40th birthday within the past few months. Your mailer could make a special offer to first-time mammogram patients.

Once you have your list, what should you do with it?

The key is to create mailers that tell your story and invite potential patients into your practice. Below, you will find some helpful tips for creating a mailer that truly connects with your audience.

  1. Be clear about your brand. Every piece you create should have the same logo and color scheme. Believe it or not, these things make a lasting impression, and if you switch it up too often, you will confuse your audience. Consistency matters.
  2. Develop interesting, relevant content. Turning 40 can be hard for some folks. What if you make your mammogram mailer a fun one? Celebrate your reader’s birthday with a special invitation to book an appointment, and offer concierge-level patient care that includes a brief one-on-one education session about breast cancer. Provide a small gift for the patient to take home after the mammogram. You promise this special experience up front in your mailer, and then you deliver exactly what you promised.
  3. Design a fresh, inviting layout. People tire quickly of long, wordy mailers, so don’t go that route. Include images, infographics, and even short, snappy doctor bios to establish a personal connection with your readers.
  4. Track your responses. You won’t know how effective your mailer is if you don’t track the responses. One way to do that is to establish a special phone number that you include in your mailer. If your regular number is 800-405-0011, get an additional number like 800-405-0022. When people call through on that separate line, your receptionist will know it is a response to the mailer, and he or she can make a note of it.

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Jason, Co-Founder of, brings a unique knowledge base of medical marketing to The List Broker blog.