Let’s face it. Selling life insurance is hard!

Life insurance is difficult to sell because it’s a real challenge to find 1,000 names or 3,000 names who would be interested in purchasing your products. It is difficult to find prospects that care about life insurance, even though so many people would benefit from getting a policy.

Entrepreneurs who are looking to increase their life insurance sales are eager to find large numbers of sales leads. The List Broker offers the number one solution to finding sales leads for life insurance products. Entrepreneurs can use the various filters The List offers to narrow down their search and to create a shortlist of prospects that care about life insurance.

Criteria To Find Sales Leads

So, which criteria should an entrepreneur use to find sales leads for life insurance policies? In my opinion, people who have an income stand a better chance of caring about your products because they will be interested to protect their future earnings potential. The higher the income, the bigger the potential to sell a generous life insurance policy.

Moreover, I believe that people who have a family are more inclined to care about life insurance. Therefore, using The List to filter people according to their marital status is a great way to narrow down sales leads. Using The List to filter people by age is also essential to find responsible adults who are in charge of their families and who want to protect their loved ones.

Why Insurance Is Difficult To Sell

The real reason life insurance is difficult to sell is because it is the most intangible product ever. It is also difficult because the product provides no instant gratification to the customer. Nonetheless, entrepreneurs are more motivated than ever to sell life insurance policies due to the high commission revenue.

While the typical auto insurance policy pays between 10% and 15% commission for the first year, the typical commission on life insurance often pays 100% or more. Therefore, if you sold a life insurance policy with a premium of $100 per month, you would make a whopping $1,200 in commission on that policy during the first year.

In conclusion, selling life insurance policies is difficult because sales leads are hard to find. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs are eager to stay in the business due to its high earnings potential. Luckily, The List Broker enables entrepreneurs to filter customer lists according to various criteria and to create a shortlist of sales leads that care about life insurance.

Eric Bernstein

Eric is The List Broker, an Orlando-based marketing expert with unique authority in list marketing. His blog posts offer insight and observations that will empower your marketing efforts.