There are so many specialties in the medical field that the opportunities for marketing medical are virtually endless. Whatever your practice focuses on, the most important part–for marketing purposes–is who you’re helping. Your audience for marketing matches the kinds of people who need the care your practice provides.

Event Marketing

Is your practice an OBGYN? Think of all the community events you can host to connect with potential new patients. There are so many frontiers new mothers navigate–position your practice to be their guide with an expectant mother class, a workshop for new parents-to-be, or even a support group for expectant parents dealing with pregnancy problems.

If you’re trying to grow your practice, exposing your specialty to the surrounding community is essential. An event allows you to bring new people through your front door, giving them a sense of your office culture, allowing them to meet the doctors, and learning what level of support your office provides.

Because health care reaches people where they are most vulnerable, bringing them into your space and helping them get comfortable can make the difference between having a new patient and not having one.

Using Your List

Once you have decided on the type of event you will host, how do you invite guests? First, make sure all of your existing patients know about it. They are your best ambassadors! Your most loyal and devoted patients will share the news with family and friends–make it easy for them by printing and distributing attractive and fully informative fliers well in advance and distributing them at the office.

You can also send a postcard or mailer to the surrounding community. Use your List Broker filters to isolate the addresses of those who are most likely to be interested in and benefit from your event. Make the MOST of your mailer by building a corresponding landing page. Include the url of your landing page on the postcard and encourage people to engage with you online by offering them a free pass for your event if they visit the web page. Once they arrive at the landing page, they get more information about your event (perhaps even a video), a place to sign up so you can collect names and send follow up reminders, and an eNewsletter sign-up.

eNewsletters as Part of Your Marketing

Why would you include an eNews sign-up on your landing page? Even if your invited guests can’t make it to your upcoming event, you want the chance to market to them again. Capturing their email address and getting their permission to send them emails in the future allows you continue the new relationship. Remember: every “touch” counts in converting the people in your community into patients!


Jason, Co-Founder of, brings a unique knowledge base of medical marketing to The List Broker blog.